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This Month in History: April

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April 1, 1972 – The Radical Feminist Collective founded the Pittsburgh Women’s Center to offer a range of services and cultural activities not met by existing institutions.

April 3, 1972 – NOW members picketed at Murphy’s Department Store in downtown Pittsburgh, in protest of sexist practices on the part of the store and the Teamsters Local Union 249.

April 10, 1975 – The Southwest PA NOW Chapters staged a Day of Outrage outside West Penn Hospital in Pittsburgh to protest the Hospital’s policy to provide no abortion services.

April 11, 1980 – Pennsylvania NOW’s Anti-Racism Task Force sponsors the Second Conference on Racism and Sexism in Philadelphia.

April 29-30, 1980 – NOW members ride buses from Pittsburgh to Springfield, IL to lobby legislators to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

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This Month in History: March

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March 7, 1969 – Members of Greater Pittsburgh Area NOW picketed outside the offices of the Pittsburgh Press to protest the newspaper’s policy of publishing want ads separately for women and men.

March 25, 1975 – In the case of theCommonwealth of PA, Guardians of Pittsburgh, NAACP, and the NOW – Southwest Pennsylvania Council of Chapters v. Mayor Peter Flaherty and the Pittsburgh Fraternal Order of Police, Judge Weber ruled the Pittsburgh Police Bureau denied equal opportunity in hiring and compensation to black males, black females, and white females.

March 9, 1986 – Jeanne Clark organized and Pittsburgh NOW members participated in the March for Women’s Lives in Washington, DC. to keep abortion and birth control legal. The march drew 125,000 making it the largest march for women’s rights in U.S. history.


March 2, 1926  (2009): Gerald H.F. Gardner was co-founder of K.N.O.W., Inc., the first feminist press in the U. S., an active member in the Greater Pittsburgh Area chapter of the NOW and the first man to serve on the national NOW board of directors. He was most well known for exposing discriminatory advertising practices at the Pittsburgh Press.

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